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The business houses that deals in outsourcing demands an adieu to traditional Public Switched Telephone Network to their daily communication needs. The conventional PSTN communication system relies on heavily regulated network of circuit switched technique. This circuit switched network charges heavy on every call. Today, with an advent of IP telephony, company homes make long distance or international calls at minimum rates. Switching to VoIP solutions has become a logical alternative for many business and corporate homes that are searching for definite improvement in their own profits.

There are two types of business VoIP solutions i.e. call taxi services and IP Centrex service. While availing call termination service, any corporate or business house can reduce monthly phone expenditure by 50 percent in comparison to conventional PSTN. Well, this is because business calls are terminated by employing public internet or privately managed IP network. Thereby, it increases the profit margin of the business enterprise. The IP Centrex or even Hosted Centrex service deals with virtual PBX replacement support. In voip phone , company house must pick the service provider that features PBX in their “host” soft switch at their POP over company’s existing broadband link.

For making cheap calling through VoIP, consumer asks a computer, broadband connection, Analog Telephone Adaptor or ATA as well as most recent VoIP providers. This allows the user to make calling as normal using regular phone lines. While trying to find the best VoIP business solution provider, user must search for features like voice quality, cost efficiency, community integration, functionality and security.