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Color not only affects our moods, it may also promote learning and creativity. If animal doubted that kids are attracted to colour, I soon discovered otherwise at a recent demonstration show at Mt. Gretna, Pennsylvania. The children were drawn to the vibrant hand painted rockers and tables and chairs which were on display. A number of them wished to sit and play on the vibrant chairs which were simply their size. It has always been my belief that colour is important when selecting items for kids and the kids themselves strengthened this idea.

Different colors promote different moods and mental imagination. Yellow is uplifting, such as sunshine, and orange, which has a great deal of yellow in it, promotes feelings of joy and vitality. Cool colors like green, blue and violet encourage comfort, and surprisingly, pink is your color of tranquility. It promotes harmony.

So what are you able to do to provide the mental stimulation that helps a young child understand and think creatively? Supplying a colorful environment for your kid can inspire creativity and learning. Colors are enchanting. They excite the mind, help us unwind and induce us to think creatively. Choosing the colors for the child’s environment shouldn’t be gender based. Boys sometimes need the tranquility of girls and pink love the many soft shades of blue. Colorful bedrooms, colorful toys and vibrant furniture can all be utilized to increase intelligence.

When choosing the colors for your young ones, think about what color brings them the most. What colour does your child select when coloring an image? How do they behave when they are in a hot sunny room, lazing about the soft green grass , or sitting quietly and studying in a gloomy bedroom? The better you know your child, the easier it’ll be to select the best colours for him. So if you are painting your child’s room, picking out his bedding or buying him a particular chair to sit down and think, don’t be afraid to select something very colorful. Choose colors that will stimulate his mind and relaxation his body and soul.