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The overseas music videos were better than our locally produced ones.

The 90’s era was not dramatically better than the 80’s, probably the mid 90’s if the genre of music towed the route of rap / hip hop and the usage of our neighborhood parlance in tunes started to create the audio industry more entertaining instead of the 80’s. The Remedies (Edris Abdulkareem, Eddie Montana, Tony tetwila) keyed to it and became the rave of the moment at that time. latest foreign music (Tu confront Idibia, Faze, Black Face) were incredible and soared to greater heights before the group split. The launch of Tu face Idibia’s solo career with his hit track “African Queen” catapulted him to the top. Most Nigerians enjoyed his very first movie, but sadly he had to re-shoot a different in compliance with the direction of a popular international music TV channel. Design Plus “Olu Fumi” had a wonderful video as compared with lots of which stormed our TV sets. Paul Play’s hit tune “Angel of my life” also had a cool video.

Perhaps, the turning point for the earning of good quality movies stems from the stable of P- Square with all the video for their hit song “Do me” which was taken in South Africa. The movie certainly hit the International benchmark mark with assorted music likely TV shows in Nigeria, continuously showing it. Artistes challenged by the solid production began to travel South Africa, USA, and portions of Europe to shoot videos of their tunes. They also featured white skinned girls dancing at the videos. Most high rated artistes patronise directors who have carved niches for themselves in the art of making quality movies. Tops on the list are DJ Tee, Clarence Peters (CEO of Capital Hill) and Bobby Hai.

The growth of Cally Ikpe’s “Nigerian Music Video Awards” (NMVA) and Sound City Music Video Awards (SMVA) geared toward rewarding artistes with top notch videos have also contributed to the growth of good quality productions. Besides, artistes that have good videos have easy accessibility to delight in airplay on MTV Base, Channel O and other global music channels, opening wider, the doorways that tend to provide them access to fortune and fame.

Great, creative videos are tricky and draw attention to the artistes and naturally, the manager.